👋Hey there!

I am a technologist in Boston who leads a development team as well as being an ad-hoc software engineering / Linux server administration resource for tough problems at a fast-paced digital agency startup.


My specialty is in being the ultimate generalist when it comes to backend technologies: I am comfortable integrating n services in a sane way, regardless of platform, programming language, or other technical details.

I also take pride in my ability to express ideas clearly and communicate effectively in a wide variety of business environments, which is absolutely necessary to deliver exactly what the client is looking for.

I am currently open to consulting on both high level architecture decisions and software implementation.

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If there's a need to connect service A to B, it's possible somehow. Also, whenever possible, mapping layers can be built to make the integration self-maintainable for a new field here and there.

Data ETL & Scraping

I have experience with SOAP, REST, COM Interop, scraping, and databases -- whatever it takes to a) pull your data b) transform it and c) shove it somewhere else (or make it accessible on the web).


I am highly effective at identifying pragmatic ways to bring software automation into business and actually executing on those ideas.

Deep Systems Knowledge

My passion for technology stems from an initial fascination with Linux. This allows me to triage and solve difficult to debug problems


I am very comfortable with the leading CI/CD platforms and building scripts / tools on top of them to completely automate builds.

Docker / Local Dev

I stand by "immutable infrastructure"; having the same containers run on prod and local dev eliminates "it worked on my machine".